St Thomas Graveyards

The Graveyards of St Thomas hospital are pinpointed in 'Aspects of medieval and later Southwark' MOLAS monograph 13 (2002)

Originally, the dead were buried in the graveyards of St Mary Overie and St Margarets, eventually St Thomas could bury its own but compensated the other churches for loss of income. In the minutes of 1697 3 burial places are known. The first was associated with the Dorter, and is thought to be on the north side of St Thomas St (Tryvet St originally) near the Church, the second was to the south of St Thomas Street but west of the Guys Site, and the third was at the junction of St Thomas St and Maze pond to the East of the Guys site.

However, 227 skeletons were found on another site which was excavated in 1990 under New London Bridge House by London Bridge Station. Many of these skeletons were were marked with suffering from syphilis.

2 wells were found near Joiner Street at the eastern end of the hospital but in the public domain so it might be an attempt by the hospital to provide better drinking water for local people.

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