Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now

Went to the Seduced Show at the Barbican on level 3 at the Barbican. Maybe I'm jaded but I found it a little dull - I've seen examples of the various genre they display and so found I came out without learning anything new, or experiencing anything exciting. I think I'd get more out of the book.

Maybe if you have never seen sexual imagery from Pompeii, Indian, Japan or Victorian pornography then it would be really exciting, but otherwise I thought the narrative was thin, giving no real insight into development of sexual imagery, or context. Surrealism was the only movement that was examined in any detail. Although there were a couple of Fragonards and a Boucher or two a tour of the Wallace Collection would give a better insight into Sex and Art from the Renaissance - 19th Century. The modern stuff was mostly not very interesting to me - and when I think that Jeff Koon seemed like a highlight,I wonder about the overall quality.

My summary would be that this is a great show to introduce new comers to Sex and Art but for those who have seen it all before, it will not be that exciting.

Barbican - Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now


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