Bluestones and Stonehenge

Current Archaeology reports further on Tim Darvill's ideas on Stonehenge in the SPACES - Strumble-Preseli Communities and Environment project. By studying the source of the Blue stones in detail he has come to the conclusion that their placement in Stonehenge mirrors their origins in the Preseli Hills. The inner oval at Stonehenge is made of spotted dolerite and the outer circle is of rhyolite and tuff and dolerite - dolerite comes from Carn Menyn in Preselli, the other stones come from outcrops surrounding Carn Menyn.

This finally ends any idea that the Bluestones were brought to Stonehenge by glaciation.

The presence of water pools near the stones suggests to Darvill they were used for health care.

Current Archaeology - Message in the Stones


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