Inventions Walk

We have a group of children coming to do an Inventions Day at the Old Operating Theatre museum - we are putting a session together on medical inventions and I'm thinking about the Guided Walk.

First thoughts are:

I, Guys Hospital - Statue of Hygia - intro to Hygiene

2. Guys Courtyard - Florence Nightingale, hospital design and hygiene

3. Victorian buildings at back of hospital

talk about invention of the Flushing toilet and the good it did and the bad it did (spreading infected water into the water supply and causing cholera

4. George

drinking beer and a little bit about inventions re traffic

i.s stage coaches made travel to Manchester shrink form 4 days to 24 hours in the 18th Century

5. Hop Exchange

hops in beer makes it preserve longer and therefore cheaper

6. market - maybe something on refrigeration

7. end at river - water supply, clean water, steam ships, invention of CPR etc.


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