Access to the Old Operating Theatre at last?

Trainers June and David of JBC consulting suggested the Dutch have the technology to get the disabled up a spiral staircase.

I looked the system up on the web and am arranging a visit from MHS to demo the technology to us.

It is quite exciting that we might soon be able to offer disabled access but I can't quite believe it can be that simple!

stairclimbers and mobility products - Mobility-MHS


Randolph arrived to look at the staircase and found it was no-go: He wrote:

Hi Kevin,

I came to look at your lovely old staircase today,....unfortunately due to the nature and the dimensions of the stairs it would not be possible to use the stairclimber on the spiral staircase. It was also the step from the staircase into the museum that caused me concern.

Unfortunately I am sorry to have say that we are unable to help you with this situation.

So it is back to the drawing board.


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