Mailing list - getting groups out of outlook express

We are moving the Old Operating Theatre museum mailing list to PhpList. big problem is how to get data out of outlook express.

It is easy to get all addresses in the address book into PhpList but it is difficult or time consuming to get groups out of Outlook express.

If you want to know how to do it this is how:

1. go into outlook express, address book, choose your group.

Click on a member, Ctrl A t select all addresses in the group, Ctrl C to copy them.

From Start menu choose


type in

wab /new

This creates a new address book

click on address area

Ctrl V to copy in the addresses.

Now export the data from this address book into CSV format and you will now have a file of email addresses.

Add the phplist attribute names to the top the email must be headed email not e-mail or anything else.

Import to phplist


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