Picasso: Histoire Naturelle - Museum of Childhood

On Saturday went to the BGM - the Museum of Childhood to see a really good exhibition of Picasso's animal illustrations for the Histoire Naturelle.

Picasso: Histoire Naturelle - V&A Museum of Childhood

They are sugar aquatints, with various drypoint and scraping techniques. What is great about them is how diverse they are - some are dense others are ethereal, some are realistic others are decorative.

What is also nice is that there are not crowds of people pressing to see the images as there normally are for the big shows.
The image here is based upon one of the Picasso aquatints (the originals are black and white).

The BGM is however, still very noisy - the main attraction seems to be a sand pit.

Afterwards went through the park to Sugar Loaf Lane and to the Camel a really nice art deco pub that must once have been an East End Boxing pub from the mug shots on the wall.


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