Gilbert and George at Tate Modern

The Tate Exhibition on Gilbert and George is excellent. What I particularly liked about it is that a good few of the paintings are in the public area and can be seen for free - this seems a really excellent compromise - some significant pieces of a blockbuster are freely on display while others are only visible if you pay.

This is a principle that should be followed by all big blockbusters - particularly as they comprise of paintings that are often normally free.

The other good thing about the exhibition is that is seems pretty comprehensive and you really do get a really good idea of how they developed into Gilbert and George - I also liked their no nonsense anti-bullshit in the arts manifesto. It did help you realise how they had created their own distinctive art style, it may be repetitive, a little bit shallow, obsessed with boys, p*ss, sh*t, sp*nk, E1 but having said all of that it is original and striking.

So I thought more of them than I did before visiting, while at the same time, wondering how boring it must be to be an artist who ploughs the same furrow for years and years.

I really liked their early drawings on paper which showed they are not just graphic designers and photoshop manipulators but do have credible skills - I don't know why but this helps stem the cynicism that normally blocks my appreciate of some modern art.


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