Voice Mail and Fax Systems

For years I have been using Phone Tools Suite as my voice mail and fax handling system - but when transfering my CD's to a new system I lost the serial number and any number of attempts to contact BVRP could elicit a response.

So I have spent quite a lot of time trying to find an alternative. Of the many I tried

Ezvoice was the most elegant but it does not deal with Fax

Terra voice was too complicated for me

Communicate looked good but did not work on my system

PhoneTools Classic worked well but only had one mailbook in the only version that would work on my system.

So eventually I found FaxTalk - which works well, works straight away without any mucking about, is not that expensive, and has multiple mail boxes.

FaxTalk Messenger Pro 7.0 Voice, Answering Machine, Fax software with Caller ID and Distinctive Ring
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