Cathedral Group move into St Thomas Church

At long last the nave of Old St Thomas Church, Southwark is back in use and looking good. It has been restored by the Cathedral Group sympathetically to the architecture. They have kept the Nave as one space and added a new balcony on top of the old balcony. The crypt has been turned into great meeting rooms.

It could make a grown man cry - because for years it was our dream to own the Church ourselves, but we never got a chance to make this a reality, so although it is great to see the place restored it is sad that it is not us that did it.

However, the new owners have done a good job and have made life as easy for us as it is possible to do while the building work is being completed.

So, that is the last time I'm going to refer to the what if and am going to embrace a new age with a good new neighbour.

The scaffolding was also coming down and soon, oh bliss, we will soon be without building works disrupting the Museum.


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