I'm a Cruise Lecturer!

I've just come back from a Cruise on the MV Discovery which went from Venice to Istanbul, via Koper, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Cephalonia, Delos, Ephesus and Istanbul. I was the lecturer for the Elderhostel group. It was very hard work but I enjoyed it.

What I learnt from the Cruise was that it is a good way of seeing a lot of different places. No need to keep packing and unpacking and finding hotels in different towns. So a sense of easy touring. One issue is the number of Cruises taking the same or similar route - you arrive in Dubrovnik with 3 5000 seater cruisers and a couple of 1000 seaters. That means some 15,000 tourists descending on a small town all at the same time.

I gave a series of lectures entitled:

Celts and Romans
Everyday Life in the Roman Empire
Romans as Rulers
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Images from Santorini - Cruise Liner in the Caldera and a fresco from the Museum at Thera


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