London Maze - local history fair

I organised our stall for the London Maze today - a local history fair in the Guildhall. There were about half the people that attended the previous year. I had our tradition stall with basic info on the museum and sales of books, and toys. I experimented with

a. the usb frame
b. using the projector and laptop

But results were that people were not bothered. Few spent at time looking at the slide show or the powerpoint. although a couple of people were impressed by the laptop and projector being as they are so small and light.

Sales were a bit sluggish - most of the general history books sold, but just a couple of the medical ones, and no herbal books at all. Toys really did not sell except for a couple of people who wanted squishy skeletons or fly eating tongued toys.

I did the 19th Century Surgery demostration 3 times which went well and Connie helped out in the afternoon.

London Maze


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