EEE PC Gimp and editing images

On the Aegean Cruise I had to edit the slides I had scanned and put them into power point. I took my EEE PC because it is light, and although it worked the small size of the screen and the software made it a little difficult. So I cannot entirely recommend it for heavy weight editing work but it works well enough for minor tinkering.

I followed instructions to load Gimp which completely failed, so I gave up on that. I intended to use the Photoshop editor on the Web but a. it did not work on the EEE PC and b. the internet connections on MV Discovery were appalling. But I did find a way of working effectively.

I used photomanager to look though lots of slides and used filemanager. I changed the view to thumbnail and configured filemanager to open up mtpaint on double clicking.

mtpaint enables cropping (using the selection tool) and some touching up - did everything I wanted gimp for.

The only remaining problem was getting rid of the unsuccessful Gimp installation


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