Chelsea Walk for the Blind

On Saturday I led a guided walk around Chelsea for june Bretherton's blind group. Its a great walk and it was really enjoyable trying to give the extra visual information. I think it would work as well for the sighted as the blind - it makes you need to give a more imaginative spiel.

The walk has a reverse narrative - Kings Road is Chelsea today, while the work ends around Chelsea Old Church which is where Chelsea began. It has sub-themes of the Swinging 60's, City of Palaces, Henry VIII and ThomasMore, the PreRaphaelites, Literary London - Elliot and Bram Stoker and the court case of Oscar Wilde and Whistler.

Have a look here for a short version of my walk.

Walk back past Alpha Place - where i used to live in an Electricity Board property to find that the whole site has been cleared ready for redevelopment. It was a horrible 1960's building but a bit of my history has gone


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